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How Do You Make Important Decisions?

Posted by succeedingatthegameofcollege on April 22, 2009 at 11:44 AM

What is a Decision?


A decision is a reasoned choice from among several options or possible directions of action. We make a number of important decisions over our life time – academic, career, relationship, major purchases (home, car, etc.), financial matters, and so on. Decisions are important opportunities to take complete control over our lives! Effective decision making genuinely enhances your critical thinking skills! These skills pay huge dividends as you go through your life!


A Step-by-Step Decision Making Process


A decision making process is a series of logical steps to help you evaluate your options to make a solid choice!  Most decision making models have sequential steps:


STEP ONE: Define the problem or issue you are addressing.


STEP TWO: List all possible options or opportunities before you (and maybe you don’t know about by brainstorming with others).


STEP THREE: Gather information as much specific information as you can on all of the options.


STEP FOUR: Look at the any consequences of each option.  Be real here!


STEP FIVE:  Select one of the options based on your research and evaluation.




STEP SEVEN: Periodically evaluate your selection and change your course if you have to by going back to number one and beginning again!





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