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Posted by succeedingatthegameofcollege on April 22, 2009 at 11:54 AM

Did you know that most individuals will spend approximately 43.5 years working? Do you want those years to be fulfilling and personally rewarding? 

Career planning is a real systematic process that shouldn't involve chance as much as it should involve a series of important choices and decisions.  Seeking out appropriate career counseling or career coaching can definitely help! Here are five extremely practical steps to finding a fulfilling career:


1. Learn about yourself (What do you like? What interests you? What skills do you possess? What do you excel at? What do you have a passion for in life? What's important to you? What do you value?).


2. Identify occupations that match your assessment of yourself.


3. Explore the occupations you are considering (volunteer, job shadow, have conversations with professionals in the field, check out data on the occupation through research).


4. Select an occupation (this involves a solid decision making process).


5. Ready yourself for the job search process (developing your resume writing skills, job interviewing skills and having a game plan for finding that job).


A wonderful web site can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics (lots of great occupational research here):


Here are our favorite steps to effective career decision making:


  • Dream (the bigger the better)!
  • Talk with people about their careers and explore.
  • Take electives in college or take career development workshops at local community colleges.


  • Read related occupational materials (review professional journals and books).


  • Job shadow or volunteer!


  • Join a pre-professional organization.


  • Visit a career center or utilize a career coach!


Lastly, here are seven steps for putting your psychological house in order when preparing to change or find the right career for you:   


  • Develop an active and positive attitude towards the job search process!
  • Recognize it will take time. Sometimes quite a bit of time depending the economy and job market. Be patient and persistent!
  • Learn job hunting skills from a career counselor or career coach.
  • Remain confident in the face of rejection (turn downs do occur - it's part of the process!).
  • Don't isolate yourself if you should be rejected, keep a positive attitude!
  • Focus on a long term fulfilling career.

Best of luck in your career and your future!


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