Succeeding at the Game of College

The Essential Tips for College Success



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Here are some presentation ideas for utilizing SUCCEEDING AT THE GAME OF COLLEGE with students in the classroom.


Chapter 1 - The Common and Uncommon Facts About College


Goal of chapter - to help students understand some key issues regarding attending college (each bulleted point represents a talking point with students - giving your own feedback and sharing your college stories as the instructor on each point) Towards the end of the chapter you'll find a discussion point that states - YOU MUST FIGURE OUT WHY YOU'VE DECIDED TO ATTEND COLLEGE BEFORE YOU START ..... This is a crucial discussion point with students... if you can get them to begin analyzing why college might be helpful to their goals ... you've got them heading in the right direction.


NOTE: All throughout the book you'll find bold poems or statements which are also good for  class room discussion.


Chapter 2 - What is the Game of College?


Goal of chapter - to emphasize to students the crucial aspects of higher education (going to class - always important, taking notes - a good place to insert your own note taking seminar here, taking exams - a good place to insert your own test taking seminar here, writing papers - a good place to insert your own writing seminar here --- time permitting) ..... and so on. I use this book as an outline to infuse ideas and additional seminars on academic success.


Chapter 3 - Some Key Points for Student Success In College


Goal of chapter - additional points on college success for students. Once again, each point represents a talking point with your audience allowing you to share your thoughts and stories on the importance of a college education.


Chapter 4 - A Brief Learning Moment


Goal of chapter - a brief time out in the learning process for students to process what they have learned so far (great suggestion, give each student a 3x5 card and ask them to answer the questions in the text) for students to analyze what they've learned that's really important to them AND WHY....


Chapter 5 - The Essential Tips


Goal of chapter - to review point by point the essential tips on college success on the specific topics of -


- Classroom Success Tips


- Health and Wellness Tips


- College Resource Tips (additional services available to students in college)


- Time Management Tips


- Career Development Tips


Each of these sections leave room for you the presenter to once again insert your own student seminars on Health and Wellness, Time Management or Career Development as part of your seminar. Again, all points in the book are directed as talking points with students, but also as ice breakers to venture into more specific skill building seminars.


Chapter 6 - A Brief Learning Moment

Goal of chapter - another brief time out in the learning process for students to assess what they've learned in Chapter 5 and process through the total experience.


I hope these notes are helpful to you. The book is basically a guide ... the presenter can share her/his feelings on each of these points as a college graduate, along with sharing their own stories as they relate to the points shared throughout the text. Enjoy!


Louis C. Vangieri, M.S.

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